I write Gothic novels because I believe facing the darkness is the only way to shatter glass ceilings. I love fierce and flawed underdogs who run headlong into barriers, who buck up against powerful twit men. My books have dark alleys, family secrets, and kissing scenes in graveyards.

My first book, Ripper (Flux 2012) is a young adult paranormal Gothic novel about the Jack the Ripper murders in Victorian London. Renegade and Resurrection completed the trilogy. The idea for Ripper came to me while working on my PhD in nineteenth-century British lit. I quickly realized while writing academic articles that writing a book about Jack the Ripper would be much more fun.

 A Bookworm even at the age of three

A Bookworm even at the age of three

Other facts about me:

I’m a Lord Byron groupie (And yes, I know he’s dead.)

When I travel, I often skip the museums to wander around old graveyards.

I live in South Carolina, and I’m a sucker for local weird history and ghost stories.

I used to be very near-sighted (yay for PRK!) and once mistook a rock for a dog while swimming.

I have celiac disease so I’m a bit of a gluten free foodie.

I’m a running, yoga, chocolate, and Mr. Darcy addict.

When I’m not writing, I like reading, teaching college lit courses, and hanging out with my husband, three young kids, and super-spoiled shih tzu, Maisie.